UX - BBC World Service/News

Move to responsive

Working within the World Service team, I was responsible for overseeing various elements in the move to the rollout of the responsive sites across the 27 language sites - from static Desktop to Mobile.

This involved holding workshops with each language service, taking the existing content of their sites, and re-working it into the flow of the News modules and sections, looking at the UI & user journeys involved.

When this was complete, each unique font & script had to be looked at in detail so they all appeared as one family across the sites.

Looking at the characteristics of each language, comparing the effect the diacritics and unique characters had on size, spacing and legibility. These finding then informed how the sizing of the fonts would be applied across the sites at different viewports - ie the sizes required for each device, core mobile, feature phones, tablet landscape, portrait and desktop.

World Service language responsive sites, here shown on mobile (Arabic & Bengali)
One of the 27 workshops to refine and define information flow throughout the sites.
Ident I created for newshour bulletins which in turn informed the graphic language across news.