Time zones

BBC: A brief history of time zone
Interface, interaction, behaviour, visual design & asset creation.

I was commissioned by the BBC to design this interactive infographic exploring the often bizarre history of international time zones.

I was responsible for all the design & interaction of the piece, from building working prototypes in Flash to creating the finished design, the programming was carried out in-house.

BBC: A brief history of time zones
BBC: A brief history of time zones
BBC: A brief history of time zones

US Elections Interactive Infographic for BBC World Service

US Elections 2012, value comparison interactive
What the 2 billion US$ raised during the campaign could have paid for.

Created for the BBC World Service.

Designed to be translated into 27 languages.

BBC: US election: Campaign cash comparisons
BBC: US Elections comparative spend
BBC: US Elections comparative spend

BBC News & World Service

Various Infographics
Infographics & charts creation and re-formatting for languages.

Agni V Missile Range
Infographic showing the range of the newly developed Agni V missile. To calculate the distances, we had to plot the distances with google earth to get a realistic idea of scale.
Tehran Map
Tehran Embassy - Infographic map showing the location of the British Embassy in Iran, which had be attached earlier that day.
Moscow Map
Moscow protests - Infographic (Russian) map showing the the spark points in the Moscow protests